Crypto is the story of

Market Mania
Phony Populism
Techno Solutionism

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About the Authors

  • Stephen Diehl


    Stephen Diehl is an entrepreneur and software engineer. His area of expertise is in functional programming language design and financial technology services. He lives in London, England.

  • Jan Akalin


    Jan Akalin is a London-based serial entrepreneur and consultant in financial technology services. He has a degree in engineering and development studies. Area of expertise includes international relations, EMEA economics and fintech regulation.

  • Darren Tseng


    Darren Tseng is a fintech entrepreneur and an independent writer covering the technology sector and financial fraud. Darren brings his expertise in both the banking and information technology sector to his writing about financial fraud and public policy.

About the Book

The story of cryptocurrency is a history of the modern world reflected in technology. It is based on the different narratives that have shaped the economic and political reality of a world spinning out of control. It is also the story of a financial revolution that carries the seeds of its own destruction. Once intended as a peer-to-peer medium of payment, crypto has today morphed almost exclusively into a speculative investment asset. How can we decode crypto, learn from its mistakes, and predict what the future holds for this controversial technologyy? In Popping the Crypto Bubble, we uncover the truth about the technology behind cryptocurrency, its political ideations and the narratives that drive the biggest economic bubble in the history of mankind. A bubble waiting to explode, and already exploding.

Reviews & Preview

While the conclusion is obvious from the intro, the book is well measure, comprehensive and incredibly detailed. Giving insight into the technology, market forces and laying bare the emperor's wardrobe. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the go-to text for technical, socioeconomic and historical references going forward such is the breadth and depth of the work. 10/10 can't recommend enough.
James King


Book Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. History of Crypto
  3. Crypto Culture
  4. Casino Capitalism
  5. Technical Problems
  6. Economic Problems
  7. Environmental Problems
  8. Ethical Problems
  9. Valuation of Crypto
  10. Crypto Exchanges
  11. Journalism
  12. Fraud & Scams
  13. ICOs
  14. Digital Gold
  15. The Cult of Crypto
  16. Stablecoins
  17. Smart contracts
  18. Web3 / NFTs / DeFi
  19. Ransomware
  20. Blockchainism
  21. Financial Nihilism
  22. Financial Populism
  23. Historical Market Bubbles
  24. Regulation
  25. Conclusion